Puppy Raisers Needed

If you love working with dogs and like service opportunities, consider raising a service dog with Veterans Moving Forward. VMF is a local organization that raises service dogs for veterans nationwide, at no cost to the veteran.

Raisers help dogs gain the skills needed to make a huge difference in the lives of veterans with physical and/or mental health challenges. Service dogs can give veterans the courage and ability to leave their homes, to try new things, and to reengage within their home communities. VMF’s focus is on making that kind of difference for more veterans every year.

Raisers work with puppies for up to 24 months, teaching them basic obedience and specialized skills. Imagine training a dog to help with laundry, fetch a water bottle from the refrigerator, and bring medication when needed. With love and guidance, raisers help teach dogs to do amazing and life-changing tasks!

VMF has a critical need for more people who can help with raising service dogs. If you love dogs and want to play an integral part in providing a veteran a life-changing service dog, we need you.