Inquiry, Application and On-­‐Boarding

  • Potential raiser contacts VMF
    • Completes and submits Puppy Raiser & Sitter Application to VMF
    • Contacts Executive Coordinator via webpage inquiry link
  • Applications and inquiries are forwarded (typically by Executive Coordinator) to Puppy Raiser (PR) Coordinator for initial contact with potential raiser
  • PR Coordinator contacts potential raiser via e-­‐mail or phone, and conducts follow

ups as needed by e-­‐mail or phone

  • Potential raiser attends VMF Volunteer Orientation and Training, and Canine Team Orientation
  • Potential raiser attends and observes a Sunday (1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of each month) training class
    • PR Coordinator invites potential raiser to attend and observe a Sunday training session. Three – four potential dates are provided, and once date is confirmed, PR Coordinator informs Director of Canine Operations
    • PR Coordinator also attends this training class in order to talk with potential raiser, answer questions, make introductions,
    • Potential raiser meets with Director of Canine Operations at end of the training class
  • Potential raiser coordinates with Director of Canine Operations to attend Wednesday SDiT training sessions for hands-­‐on training opportunities
    • PR Coordinator coordinates with potential raiser to conduct a Logistics and Suitability Assessment (LSA) of home and work (as applicable) environment(s)
    • PR Coordinator submits LSA report(s) to Director of Canine Operations for review and follow up actions, as required
  • Director of Canine Operations, in coordination with PR Coordinator, schedules an initial puppy sit for potential raiser
    • Puppy sit is scheduled for a weekend when the current raiser will be home (for potential questions and support), and preferably to coincide with a scheduled Sunday training class

Veterans Moving Forward -­ Puppy Raiser (PR) Process

  • Current raiser completes Raiser portion of Puppy Sit Form and sends to potential raiser prior to scheduled puppy sit
  • At conclusion of puppy sit, potential raiser completes Sitter portion of Puppy Sit Form, and submits completed form to current raiser, with copy provided to Director of Canine Operations

Pre-­‐placement Training

  • Raiser attends a four-­‐week, pre-­‐placement class series at VMF’s Canine Training Center
  • Raiser continues to participate in either Wednesday or Sunday training classes until placement of SDiT with raiser
  • Raiser completes additional (two – three) puppy sits
  • If raiser is planning on having SDiT accompany him/her to work
    • Discussion between raiser and Director of Canine Operations to ensure setting of conditions for success for both SDiT and raiser
    • Employer Letter Agreement is drafted, signed by raiser and submitted to Raiser’s employer; Employer Letter Agreement is signed by employer/supervisor and returned to Director of Canine Operations
    • If the SDiT must be 6 months or older in order to accompany the raiser to work, a suitable starter home will be identified by the Director of Canine Operations
      • During the time the SDiT is in the starter home, the raiser will attend weekly training classes with Director of Canine Operations and the SDiT to ensure a smooth transition from starter home to raiser’s home – training day, time and location to be coordinated between Director of Canine Operations and potential raiser

Prior to SDiT Placement with Raiser

  • Director of Canine Operations identifies a local Veterinarian for SDiT
    • Veterinarian support and Letter Agreement negotiated and signed by veterinarian; signed agreement returned to Director of Canine Operations
  • Raiser signs VMF Puppy Raiser & Puppy Sitter Agreement, and submits to the Director of Canine Operations
  • Raiser signs Photo and Media Release Form, and submits to the Executive Coordinator, with a copy to the Director of Canine Operations