VMF provides service dogs to veterans of any generation that served honorably, have a physical and/or mental health challenge, and can benefit from and qualify for a VMF service dog.

Eligible veterans are those veterans of any age, who served honorably, whose disability is a result of military operations and/or accident or disease experienced during or subsequent to their military service, and who lives in the continental United States.

VMF’s service dog training is tailored to meet the veteran’s needs:

  • Socialization and advanced obedience skills training
  • Service skills including item retrieval (medication bag, water bottle, cell phone, keys, etc.), opening/closing doors, seizure response, shopping assistance, PTSD response, etc.
  • Regular evaluation and assessment by a third party, professional dog-training organizations
  • Therapy dog registration by nationally recognized, professional, animal-assisted therapy organizations at 12-15 months of age

VMF Differentiators:

  • Veteran & Service Dog matching based on 1) personality & temperament, 2) veteran’s specific needs and 3) the dog’s skills
  • Linking veteran with a vetted veterinarian near the veteran’s home for post-placement veterinarian support
  • Linking veteran with a vetted dog trainer near the veteran’s home to provide follow on, post-placement sustainment training for the veteran and service dog
  • VMF follow up support including regular communications with the veteran(s), receipt of monthly reports covering health & welfare, medical/veterinarian treatment, behavior & socialization, and issues/concerns – with VMF follow up support and actions, as appropriate.